Lost Bitcoins
Losing bitcoins sucks
   Lost Bitcoins | Recovering Bitcoins

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One thing is for sure in this world. Losing bitcoins sucks. It sucks bad. There are a number of ways that you could end up with lost bitcoins, though. Depending on how you lost your bitcoins, you could have a chance at getting them back, or you will be totally screwed.

In the early days of of bitcoins, they were more of a novelty than a currency. People tossed them around like monopoly money. In the process, if you can believe it, people simply forgot where they put their bitcoins. In many cases, they were located on folders on computers that broke down or were thrown away. If those bitcoins weren't backed up...well, then they were gone forever. If they were on a computer with a motherboard problem, there was a chance. Simple harddisk recovery systems and consultants could be hired to recover lost data, which in turn would bring back the bitcoins. If your bitcoins were lost on a broken computer that you haven't thrown in the garbage, don't worry, you can recover these.

If your bitcoins were transferred out of your account by the way of a virus.. well, you are screwed. There is no bitcoin police agency to protect you. This is one of the reasons we love bitcoin, but it is also one of the risks associated with holding BTC.